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Laser Photo Etching

Laser photo etching is a permanent way of preserving a digital image/photo onto granite. Laser photo etching can be used for portraits, photos and background images - often with lettering over the top.

Using our high-quality laser, we are able to accurately etch natural granite. The laser embeds images/photos within the surface of the natural stone with unbelievable detail and accuracy.

By simply providing us with your (high quality) picture, image or scenery that you wish to have etched lasered onto your memorial, we will accurately reproduce it by laser.

Laser photo etching can be done on a variety of dark granites, but the best results are obtained when using black. Engraving is permanent and aesthetically pleasing.


Shade Blasting

Shade Blasting enables us to create an image that will require no maintenance like alternative engraved and painted graphics do. These images are subtle but highly effective.

By skilfully basting away the top polished surface of the granite, the shaded and unshaded areas create the image. Shade blasting can be done on a variety of dark fine grained granites, but the best results are obtained when using black because of its sharp contrast between the black polish and the light grey unpolished area.

Shade Blasting is permanent and best used for more basic images, graphics, artwork and designs.


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